The MMG Difference

There are a lot of media companies in Tallahassee and around the state… why should you pick Monitor Media Group for your new website?


As a new company, we are constantly changing and learning. We don’t have a set template for every customer to follow, we know that every company has different needs and, therefore, each project needs to be crafted in a completely separate light.


We are a two-person team, not a big scary firm that sees you as just another project. We value your business, we are easy to communicate with, and we will not collect your final payment until you are completely satisfied with our work!


Welcome to 2018! Most of your customers are visiting the internet through their mobile devices. This means that when they come across your content, it has to look just as great – if not better – on mobile displays. That is why we create our projects with a mobile-first, consumer-friendly approach. Our goal is to make every experience with MMG products and content captivating, useful, and easy to navigate.


Though we’ve only officially been in business for under a year, we have over 30 years of combined experience in the web world. Our team has seen all of the trends that have come through, the ones that worked and the ones that only lasted a matter of months. We know what is out there and we know what you need to reach and impress YOUR target audience.


So what are a few things this experience has taught us? Here are just a few tools that we use uniquely to make you stand out!

1) Twitter Bootstrap
Twitter Bootstrap is what we use to custom-craft WordPress websites from the ground up in a responsive design. With Bootstrap and our coding experience, we are able to bring any of your ideas to life. We also have a passion for keeping up on the latest web design ideas and tricks – there is always something new out there!

2) Online Chat
Our chat software is something you’ve already experienced. The box in the lower right corner of our site allows us to connect with customers immediately. With instant communication, there isn’t any hesitation one might face filling out a contact form or waiting on an email from a potential customer. It has amplified our business tremendously – is it something you could see helping your business?

3) Analytics
One of the programs we use allows us to organize guests to your website by date, location, demographic, device used, or activity on the website. Really just about any way you can think of organizing your site consumers, it can organize the data for us to diagnose user experiences.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve recently started using a similar product that captures heat maps of where visitors are clicking and even records videos of where they are going on your site. This allows us to experience exactly what the user experiences, and gives us an edge in catering to, and enhancing that experience.

These are only a handful of tools we use to amplify your message! If you would like to see what tools would work best for you and your business, just chat us and experience the MMG difference for yourself today!