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Like a Realtor will tell you the importance of location when selling or buying a home, developers and communicators will tell you the importance of content. Developers can create sites, but without content, there is no site. The responsibility for the Media Communicator, who is often also the writer, is great as customers expect new content and responses to their social media posts 24/7. The importance of a writer who can develop interesting content, cannot be overstated.

I’ve spoken with students in high school who are starting to ponder what they want to study in college, and others who may be thinking about a degree change. It is obvious that with an increase in social media usage and the expectation of constantly updating and posting with new content, media/communications and writers are the high-demand fields to watch. Social Media Directors come in a close second, but that is for a different post.

Basically, businesses consider building their new updated websites, but often they don’t have updated content, so they have a blank site or use old content. This makes it difficult to meet go-live deadlines. Without a communicator’s content to guide the website design, fill the pages, and direct the social media expert, you have a very poor Internet presence. This is your business’s first impression to many people. It would be impossible for a company to attract new business and grow without proper presence and without new content. I have built site shells and handed them off to customers, only to see them sit on the virtual shelf for months, when there was no one to fill the pages.

You can think about opening a twitter account, but you can’t even start posting without enticing communications tactics. You don’t start reaching out to new business with just a logo, and a tag line. You start with stories, rich photos, news, and information for people that is both interesting and desired. How else will you keep them coming back, opening pages or clicking on your posts? This keeps your business at the top of their list when they need your product or service.

Fresh daily content is expected. It is the new normal. Who will do this for your business?

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